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Engineering Classes

Here you will find basic information about Engineering Classes. Click on the class for more information and pictures from each class.

Car Design
Introduction to Engineering

IED is a rigorous introduction to the world of engineering that develops students modeling skills. These modeling skills include math, science, and 3D design modeling using industry grade softwares. Students are immersed in hands on problem solving projects throughout the course.

Robotics Class
Principles of Engineering

POE explores the major engineering disciplines through applying math and science concepts to hands on projects. Students work collaboratively to solve problems using design process strategies. VEX Robotics is a major medium for the course. Dual credit with HCC is offered.

Couple and Architect
Civil Engineering and Architecture

CEA is a more in depth engineering course focused on civil engineering and design architecture. Students are immersed in building development and design from the ground up looking at design and structural constraints and processes. Dual credit with HCC is offered.

Engineering Robot Car
STEM Capstone

STEM Capstone is the Technology and Engineering culminating course. Students from several "disciplines" are grouped together to study and solve problems for real life clients and community partners. STEM Capstone is required for the STEM Concentration Certificate on students' diplomas.

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