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Geometry In Construction

MAT 501/502

Geometry in Construction is an integrated geometry in construction course. The common core aligned geometry curriculum is taught in the context of construction. The course is team taught by a math teacher and a technology teacher. The concepts within the course are organized to complement the skills and the knowledge needed in the building process starting with foundational concepts. The students in this course will have math days as well as build days. On the build days, the students will be working together to build a tiny house, shed or assist with a Habitat for Humanity house. This course will provide students the opportunity to immediately apply what they are learning in the classroom to what they are doing on the build site. Students will receive two credits for this year long, blocked course; one elective credit, one math credit. *This course is designated as a STEM Concentration Course. This course is a BACC course so will require submission of a BACC application.

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