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Manufacturing Classes

Here you will find basic information about Manufacturing Classes. Click on the class for more information and pictures from each class.

A Man Welding
Introduction to Metal and Wood Technology

This introductory level class has students learning and practicing the basics of metal and wood manufacturing processes. Students are provided opportunities to practice and test their skills using professional quality tools and equipment.

Man Welding
Metalworking Technology

Students in Metalworking Technology continue on specializing in manufacturing and machining metals. Students further their skills in multi-positional and process welding, metal lathe work, and plasma torch cutting to name a few. Dual credit HCC course.

Image by Elliott Stallion
Adv. Metalworking Technology

Students in Advanced Metalworking Technology even further their welding and machining metals skills. Students are also given the opportunity to work on independent projects to test their design and problem solving skills. Dual credit with HCC.

Construction Tools
Geometry In Construction

GeoCon is an integrated curriculum where students earn Geometry math credit and Technology credit. Students learn Geometry in the context of learning construction techniques and seeing them in action in building light frame construction structures.

Carpenter at Work
WoodWorking Technology

Student in Woodworking Technology continue on in specializing in woodworking processes. Students develop their woodworking skills through the study and practice of joining, separating, and machining techniques.

Fine Woodshop
Adv. WoodWorking Technology

Students in Advanced Woodworking Technology further their woodworking process skills. Students are tasked with developing their own woodworking projects to test their project management, design, and problem solving skills.

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