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Civil Engineering and Architecture


This course will offer students a unique opportunity to earn dual credit for high school level Project Lead the Way (PLTW) coursework; students must be enrolled in approved high school level PLTW programs in order to qualify for this course. Students enrolled in CEA will study the area of Civil Engineering and Architecture through a long-term project that involves the development of a local property site. As you learn about various aspects of civil engineering and architecture, you will apply what you learn to the design and development of this property. The course covers the following: The roles of civil engineers and architects, project and site Planning, building design, and project documentation and presentation. Revit, which is a state of the art 3D design software package from AutoDesk, will be used to help design solutions to solve your major course project.
Working in teams, you will learn about documenting your project, solving problems, and communicating your solutions to other students and members of the professional community of civil engineering and architecture. CEA is an advanced specialized course within the Project Lead the Way sequence. *This course is designated as a STEM Concentration Course. Heartland Community College Career Technical Education Credit can be achieved for Civil Engineering and Architecture.

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