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Introduction to Technology Concepts

This is an exploratory class in Technology, Energy Utilization, 3D Computer Aided Design and several other technological concepts. Though “hands-on” projects, students will learn about the history of and the impacts of technology and possible career choices for the future. Students will develop teamwork, problem solving, and design skills. A variety of concepts will be explored through a majority of self-directed activities, utilizing computer based and hands on learning in teams. Upon completion, students will have an understanding of what courses/careers are available to them and demonstrate team working strategies and display technological literacy. Students will also study basic drafting, energy utilization, digital media, personal computer hardware and software, and manufacturing principles. Student projects include: 3D designs, soldering project, engineering design project, Gamemaker video games, video game cases, networking computers, and aerospace project. *Thiscourse is designated as a STEM Concentration Course.

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