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Video and Multimedia Technology (VMT)

This semester or full year course examines how to communicate using digital media. Students will learn how to create digital media in the areas of computer animation, digital video editing, graphic design, and audio. Within each area students will learn how to create digital media content including text, digital images, videos, and sound. Throughout this course students will become proficient in Adobe Creative Cloud Suite. Students will design and develop products such as t-shirts, commercials/short videos, audio files and computer animations. This class will utilize the video production studio for video creation and editing. *This course is designated as a STEM Concentration Course.


Bitmap Editing in


Students use Adobe Photoshop to explore how technology can be an avenue for creativity.


Vector Images in


Students use Adobe Illustrator to create vector images like characters and logos.

Glass of Milk

Video Editing in 


Students use Adobe Premiere to create original video projects and participate in the student broadcast.

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